Pure Ethyl Alcohol Fuel - 2 Gallon - Multi-Use

A clean and sustainable fuel source for an array of fireplaces and stoves: Pure Ethyl Alcohol Fuel - 2 Gallon - Multi-Use

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Introducing our Pure Ethyl Alcohol Fuel, a versatile and convenient solution for fireplaces and stoves. With its 2-gallon capacity, this multi-use fuel ensures a clean and efficient burn, providing a reliable source of warmth and ambiance for your indoor or outdoor space.

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Additional Product Details

  • High Purity Ethanol Alcohol Produced from Wheat and Corn Feedstock
  • No Methanol or Additives
  • Dehydrated Ethanol Contains No Water
  • Multi-Use Denatured Alcohol Including:
  • Bio Ethanol Fuel
  • Denature Alcohol Solvent
  • Shellac Thinner
  • Laboratory Use
  • Ethanol Fuel Treatment
  • Ethanol for Cleaning Surfaces
  • Biofuel Uses Include:
  • Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Fuel
  • Indoor Fireplace Fuel
  • Table Fireplace Ethanol
  • Fire Bowl Ethanol
  • Bioethanol Fuel for Ventless Fireplaces
  • Bio Fuel for Tabletop Fireplace
  • Made in the USA
  • Securely Packaged 95 Ethanol Alcohol
  • Securely Packaged Denatured Alcohol Fuel Bottle in Secure Box
  • No Leaking Bottles
  • Also Packaged into Denatured Alcohol 1 Quart Size
  • Use at Full Strength or Dilute to 70% Ethanol by Diluting at 3:1 Ratio for Surface Cleaning
  • Create Your Own Ethanol Spray or Ethanol Wipes
  • Do Not Dilute for Fireplace Ethanol

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