SMART FUEL Ethanol Fuel 12 Liter - Perfect Fireplace Solution

Ignite the perfect fireside ambience with our SMART FUEL Ethanol Fuel 12 Liter, the ideal solution for your stunning fireplace

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The SMART FUEL Ethanol Fuel 12 Liter is the ideal solution for your fireplace, offering a clean and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels. With its high-quality ethanol formula, this fuel provides a safe and efficient way to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire, without any harmful emissions or residue.

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Additional Product Details

  • High Purity: The highest purity bio ethanol available in the market today
  • Clean Burning: Smokeless, odourless and ash free
  • Fireplaces, Burners, Stoves: Perfect for use with various bio ethanol fireplaces, burners, stoves
  • Plant Based Product: 100% plant derived, environmentally friendly
  • Manufacturer: Buy direct from an experienced ethanol manufacturer

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