Trade Instant Lighting Fire Logs - Eco-Friendly Fire Log

Effortless and Sustainable Fire Logs for Instant Heat and Warmth

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Trade Instant Lighting Fire Logs are the perfect solution for hassle-free and eco-friendly fires. With their quick lighting feature and environmentally-conscious composition, these fire logs provide a convenient and sustainable way to enjoy cozy evenings by the fireplace or stove.

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Additional Product Details

  • High performance: The instant smokeless fire logs long burning from the trade are the hassle-free solution to starting your fire without having to light kindling sticks or touch firelighters. Using these fire logs means you won't need to use kindling or firelighters, and the log fire will also leave behind minimal ash!
  • Safe & Reliable: Environmentally friendly, safe, clean, and easy to use. And these fire starters in the bag will burn for up to 2 hours. That's a lot of time for ghost stories around the campfire
  • Long burning & Powerful: Trade instant firelogs is great when you come back home on a cold night and need to start the fire as quickly as possible to heat the place. It will burn solidly for up to 120 minutes all on its own, with plenty of time to get a fire going
  • Easy to Use: Simply place one fire log for the wood burner inside the wrapper on the floor of your chimney or Chiminea and ignite the wrapper. Ideal for use in indoor open fires, wood-burning or multi-fuel stoves, Chimineas, Firepits, and Bonfires
  • Material Used: Manufactured from recycled sawdust and wax. They are specifically engineered to be odor-free, meaning your hands and home remain fresh whilst lighting your fire

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